6 8 10 Gas flue pipes - NHBC Standards 2021


Flue bracket regulations | PlumbersForums.net

27/3/2019 · Mar 27, 2019. #1. The flue runs up from the boiler into the attic. There are then two 45 degree elbows before the flue runs out to the rroof.The flue runs parallel from the boiler to the bit going out of the roof with an angled bit in-between. Where by regs should the …

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Gas boilers - flues in voids - HSE

2/12/2010 · Where boilers are located away from external walls, flues are more likely to run through ceiling (or wall) voids. In such cases when the gas appliance is serviced or maintained it can be difficult, or impossible, to determine whether the flue has been installed correctly or whether it …

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